angels (troiku and a ku)

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flit and fly,
sitting on the street

angels everywhere
shed a tear
ripple on a lake

flit and fly
flutter in a field
crawl upon my palm

sitting on the street
lessons of compassion
and humility



loving presence
gifts from heaven

 © Tournesol’16/09/02

6 thoughts on “angels (troiku and a ku)”

  1. Always a pleasure here. I feel the influence of Chev on your work here too, which is a vety nice and humble thing.. just in the style of the juxtsposition of ideas.
    Well done again Tournesol, from your absolutely not secret admirer! As said, your pieces are always a pleasure.


    1. Such an honour to notice the influence of my mentor; Hamish. Thank you for your kind words. I truly enjoyed writing this one and took more time on it than the others.


    1. Yup!! My grandson aged in one week!! He wanted his space to talk to his gf on FaceTime. I set up the guest room for him. Fortunately my son cane over with his belated bd present … a pretty cool fishing rod. So he joined us for the evening. How time is flying !! But we still did another 15km on bike after supper 🙂


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