17 thoughts on “Daily Moments July 8 2016 maritime dance (haibun)”

      1. September, October, even November are great months as the tourists are even less — but I realize you need to be around those months.
        Some of my nicest empty beach walks have had a skiff of snow with the sea foam.


      2. “Costs should be down too. Maine had a great website, and retirees staffed the info booths along the main highway,” “Well, at least a few years ago it was still that way,” she added.

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      3. “I sometimes know who is elsewhere, and sometimes not,” she replied. “My silly style of commenting kinda stands out.”
        “No disguising being tried — look at each blog as it’s own as I have more than one too,” she concluded :)ing


      4. “This is a very conscious effort on my part to visit other blogs I like or who have stopped by mine.
        For several months, I had to so little energy, it was write or read, and I chose write. Now I’m trying a bit of both,” she confided.


      5. I used to read for hours and write hours as well…this past year, I have much less energy. I used to write a lot at work during my breaks and that too has diminished. I’ve started reading novels again as well which takes time. You have a lovely style of writing.


      6. “PS: thought you were traces, too, but I don’t like to say ‘hey,’ you’re so and so too as people have separate blogs for various reasons.” She confessed, “Not all my other ‘mes’ have survived as blogs, and the separation of the personae left is like shape shifting.”

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