Daily Moments – July 1 2016 life is good (haibun)


I just remembered this morning, I have 5 days off in a row instead of 3! Being a slow poke and not a planner, I realize that I can just relax one more day and not feel guilty.

and other morrows
shall follow

In the interim, washing the slip-covers of my couch seems like a good start of a day of leisure…the machine does all the work.

reading `tween times
an autobiography
one cousin’s past

fragrant shampoo
drops of Argan oil combed through
waist long hair
rousing my best feline friend
savours scents from each lock

sipping slowly
Colombian brew
Ah! life is good!


Daily Moments, July 1 2016 “Life is good” (haibun)

Haiku my Heart

10 thoughts on “Daily Moments – July 1 2016 life is good (haibun)”

  1. Oh to those morrows and sipping this very moment… enjoyed your post and hope you really enjoy those five days, it is so luxurious to have them stretching out before you!


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