soulmates (troibun)


Since the spring of 2015 butterflies seemed to appear in thickets, on city streets and rested calmly so she could admire the colours of her wings. She often wondered if this was her mother visiting or another soul from another life.

gazing with awe
wings of a butterfly
her new-found-friend

gazing with awe
flower to flower

wings of a butterfly
colours and patterns
Divine’s creation

her new-found-friend
with an angel


Haiku Horizons ‘friend’

18 thoughts on “soulmates (troibun)”

  1. Beautiful. I think the butterflies are guardian angels sent by her mother to keep her safe, remind her of the whimsy and the woes of the world, and to let her know she is never alone.
    At least, to me, that’s what it seems.


    1. I do too, thank you!! I feel it is my mother. I miss her even more in the winter when the cold keeps the butterfly away. This week would be her birthday…I started a ritual of soaking my feet by the rapids picnicking on a rock watching the water. I`m taking the day off rain or shine. It`s a ritual that brings me joy now.


      1. That is so lovely.
        I had a ritual I shared with friends & colleagues for my dad for years that helped with the hardness of the day he passed.
        It was tough this year: 25 years since he passed and 5 years since I’ve been to talk with him. My other ritual, when I was home, I’d go and talk with him at the graveyard. I miss that so much.
        There are messengers that if, like you, you look and listen, you will hear and see.

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      2. As it sounds you shared with your mother.
        With my father, when I was very young he took me for drives. Many, many years later, we reconnected for the last 10 years of his life. All the stuff in between didn’t matter. It was like going for car rides in the country again.


      3. That is interesting. I never had the close, special relationship with my mother that you did.
        We were always distant, and the stroke and dementia intensified the gap between us. I do envy you (and others) that special mother/daughter bond. Not having children, I don’t feel it the other way. But, that’s just how it is.


      4. It does — I remember the wonderful times after we reconciled. 10 years — 8 within visiting fairly often — are so special. Here I go, crying again. But I do talk to him, I just miss having the grave yard as our conversation space.


      5. Perhaps you could find something you still have of his and use that in a quiet space and continue to talk to him like you were at the gravesite.


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