Voracious predators (haibun)


(c) '16-05-13
(c) ’16-05-13

She was so proud of her beautiful lilies and loved to sit by the patio window and admire each new blossom that appeared each day.  But then she was puzzled one fine morning, noticing holes in the leaves…she could not see any insects and hoped the rain that day would wash away whatever was nibbling away at her Mother’s Day bouquet.

A few days later, she saw an insect and thought at first it was a beetle…a harmless little potato bug.  A few days later, however, she thought differently…

©Clr`16 Scarlet Beetle
©Clr`16 Scarlet Beetle

perplexed invasion
outlandish as this may seem
Eurasian bugs skulk
nibble on leaves of lilies
voracious scarlet beetles


Daily Moments – June 8 2016 – Voracious predators

Three Word Wednesday – Perplexed, outlandish, nibble

10 thoughts on “Voracious predators (haibun)”

    1. At first I thought it was Japanese beetles and wondered why the did not prey on other footage. Now I know I have to get rid d of the eggs tomorrow on my day off


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