Daily Moments ~ May 27 2016 midday siesta troibun

© clr 2014
© clr 2014

Strolling on a quiet street close to two in the afternoon, she is reminded of this special time in the day when her children were little. When they were babies they were napping and as toddlers, they were told it was quiet time and they would play quietly in their rooms for an hour. Sometimes they would read and fall asleep. There was often resistance but she knew they needed time to refuel. Their crankiness was a sure sign of a welcoming rest.
She walked passed a row of trees along the railway tracks in front of the houses. Humming sounds of city traffic further away and one particular tree seemed to have some commotion going on.

cacophonic peeps
leaves flutter to sopranos
cicadas trill

cacophonic peeps
maternal  chirps prevail
midday siesta

leaves flutter to sopranos
hatchlings’ rehearsal
children’s choir

cicadas trill
sun’s burning rays
dog in the shade

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