Daily Moments May 21 2016 painful preludes (Troiku)

galloping above carelessly
hammers to my head

run with reckless abandon
innocent children

galloping above carelessly
but, if only –
it was outside

hammers to my head
pounding tauntingly
tools I now despise


if only
indoor sounds sang
like starlings


Daily Moments May 21 2016   painful preludes Troiku

8 thoughts on “Daily Moments May 21 2016 painful preludes (Troiku)

    1. They are really lovely people but I was used to a single man who shuffled his feet when he walked upstairs. He was so quiet I slept in the living room when I had a bronchitis not to wake him up as our bedrooms were over each other. Now two families of 7 people and a child who runs around as children do…it is difficult to get used to the “booming” overhead. I am inspired to write when I am not feeling well and with each hammering sound, my migraine got worse…suffering is a great muse…lol. That’s why heartbreak is written about so much I suppose.


      1. I suspect your right about pain being a muse. For me, at a certain point finds pain just makes me lay down; but I tell myself stories even then to try and distract myself. Well I’m glad you’ve neighbours are nice people with stomper.


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