beached (troiku)


huddled together
gulls babble incessantly
feathers flap wildly

huddled together
waves keep rolling over
all watch with intrigue

gulls babble incessantly
a habit they so cherish
eyeing their new find

feathers flap wildly
shield this maiden – forsaken
damned goons left for dead

© Tournesol ’16/05/11

Written for ThreeWordWednesday: Babble, Cherish, Damned


6 thoughts on “beached (troiku)”

  1. gulls babble incessantly
    a habit they so cherish

    So very typical of life in good company. Often one gets on with the day just by having even one person to exchange ideas with. What with many around! A habit they so cherish, certainly!



    1. Thanks, Hank. This is so true…I chose nature but was thinking of a small village and folks gathering at the general store or in suburban areas, gather at shopping malls.


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