times passed (troiku)

breathing in her scent
drifting from her dresser
fond memories take hold

breathing in her scent
mind drifts to times passed
when our hearts were light

drifting from her dresser
scents trigger sentiments
I thought were long gone

fond memories take hold
in a life when time stopped
…or so we thought


Written for The secretkeeper and the prompts are: drift, breathe, light, hold, life

2 Replies to “times passed (troiku)”

  1. Arlene, my younger sister, had small blown glass bottles from Italy that she put the last of Mom’s Windsong in for each of us four sisters. I does linger in our minds…..


    1. What a lovely idea!! I went for my first real bike ride this morning since I was rudely awakened by a neighbour at 8am …that’s early for someone like me who got to sleep at 6am…on a positive side by 10am the laundry and vacuuming was done. It is warm today (for us about 74F…lol) but the sun is strong. This may force me to get up early now to ride before 10 am. after that the sun is too hot.


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