daily moments ~flowers for mom (troibun)


She had rented a car for the weekend. Rather than get her usual economical car like a Hyundai Accent or Nissan Versa, the manager offered her a Fiat because she mentioned how she missed her old Renaud V and this was about the same size. But, the Fiat was rented already and he offered her the VW Beetle. She thought of the first car her sister drove in the early ‘70’s. Yep, they had had good times in that are driving in snowstorms to go shopping or get to a hairdresser’s appointment in a town 30 km away. She remembers fondly a photo she has of her sister and nephew in front of the dark blue VW Beetle with a lime green flower painted on the front hood. Yes those were the days of flower power.


Three hours before returning the car, she drove to a mall to look for running shoes, but with her large feet she could not find anything that fit comfortably. She stopped at a florist and picked a bright orange flower and added green flora and leaves since it was her mother’s favourite colour. She looked at the arrangement and was pleased with the finished product until she arrived at the cemetery and saw such beautiful flora arrangements. She made a mental note to choose larger flowers. Mom would have liked to stand out more.
She went to fetch water to pour into the vase, hoping the flowers would remain beautiful for a week or two. On Mother’s day, she thought out loud, she would rent a car again and bring her a lovely arrangement.
As she placed the flowers in the vase over the gravesite, she noticed one green flower kept pointing towards the highway away from the front. She chuckled at that thinking that her mom was probably giving her a message. She had chosen this plot facing the highway going towards her favourite shopping mall. Her mother DID love to shop until we all dropped and she was still going.
Maybe it was the sunny day or all the beautiful flowers at different gravesites, but she felt sadder than other times she had been in the other visits here.


filled with budding love
empty heart
missing her mama

filled with budding love
green petals
her favourite colour

empty heart
one day they will meet
fulfilled shall she be

missing her mama
loving was second nature
‘til death shall she feel

© Tournesol’16/04/24Na



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