angels of the night (troibun)

The Great Spirit works in mysterious ways, like when I felt a homeless person at the Métro Laurier made me think…maybe, just maybe it was Amma checking to see if I would be more giving. I hightailed back inside the station to give money to that man.

Years ago when I had just moved to a city far from my hometown, I had just left my daughter at the bus terminal and was walking down Yonge Street which is a bit like Ste-Catherine in Montreal. I already missed my family and walking down the street I had not realised that tears were running down my cheeks.  A homeless man standing at his “station for the night” in front of a retired theatre shouted out to me, “Hey, Lady, smile, nothing can be that bad.” I turned around and saw this toothless man, smiling and waved acknowledgement to that kind man. That man who had so little, was encouraging ME.
Tonight I heard about a young boy who passed way beyond his years.A volunteer counsellor accompanied him onto his journey…towards the light. I wonder if the Great Spirit planned this journey at a time the full moon shone on his path. An angel was born, I thought to myself. So many stars are not seen by the naked eye and yet I knew…

Thankfully, the Great Spirit places angels on this earth for a reason, those two homeless men and the volunteer counsellor.

angelic and pure
life goes on
look! a mourning star

angelic and pure
heaven’s open arms

life goes on
in another world

look, a mourning star
please don’t cry
pain-free at last

© Tournesol ’16/04/21

Day 21 National Poetry Writing Month 2016

2 thoughts on “angels of the night (troibun)

  1. So so so touching, it summoned tears to my eyes, but also reminded me to give more: more love, more attention, more everything, to things and people who truly matter and without whose kindness I do not know if I would be here, today, writing this.


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