season’s hope (haiga)

spring s hope

5-3-5 (loon)

April hues delight
springtime hope
the colour purple

(c) Tournesol’16-04-05

Written for my poetry mentor and friend Bastet’s Monday Haiga

7 thoughts on “season’s hope (haiga)

    1. Ça m’a fait plaisir, cara. If I had not visited your blog (I don’t often lately) I would not have known. What a great idea. I always look forward to Sunday’s Haiku Horizon with one work prompts…so simple and yet motivating to write to almost immediately.

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      1. I agree about Haiku Horizons – one of my favourite spots .. and so glad fate blessed us with this meeting 🙂 Unfortunately I’m visiting less and less lately, doing all I can just to keep my blog up and going to tell the truth, but one presumes that this too shall pass. Bon chance!


      2. Sometimes we need change in the midst of change…do what feels right, Cara, and be good to yourself. Let’s hope the weather gets warmer so you can get out and take photos more…you have such a good eye! x


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