Mother Nature’s scorn Haibun  Day 4 NaPoWriMo

If ever there was a month to be described as cruel, November should be the one.  The colours of amber, gold and red have fallen to their death.  The rains are cold and the winds penetrate through overcoats.  It is so difficult finding a way to stay warm.

November 1st, All Saints’ Day follows Halloween which is a colourful, albeit scary at times, day.  But the eve of November is filled with sweets, dancing, parties, dressing up for all ages and feeling youthful.

She used to love to dress up walking her children to trick or treat giving the excuse she didn’t want anyone to recognize her and give more to her  children…hogwash! she was just taking care of her inner child and loved the dressing up and disguising her face as much as the children did.

© Clr'15 Me in 2008 at work
© Clr’15 Me in 2008 at work

And then, the month of November followed…dark too early moving back to regular time…why the heck did they advance it to begin with?  Saskatchewan is one province that makes sense with keeping regular time all year round; the shock would not be so bad!! It is so cruel from one day to the next the sun sets two hours earlier!! The days are shorter, and rarely snow on the ground until end of the month or December making it dark, damp and depressing…there you go, 3D’s = cruel month.


nature’s cruel charade
teatime in the dark

(c) Tournesol ’16-04-04

Day 4 NaPoWriMo 2016

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