D is for daft (haibun) NaPoWriMo day 5, 2016

I realize the letter D is for Tuesday which is Day 5 of NoPoWriMo  the prompt to talk about April being the cruelest month or choosing another month, seemed fitting to call April quite “DAFT” with the hot cold hot cold, like Mother Nature has hot flashes and has to stick her head in the freezer for a few minutes.  So I used the Day 4 idea for Day 5…amen.

(c) Clr’16 Sun is misleading….cold day today

D is for DAFT

The weather this week is daft alright. Friday was a balmy 14C and sunshine. It was her first day off and she needed to rest. She looked at her grimy windows and thought, she would have time on the weekend to wash them. Now that would have been nice IF it was not windy and bloody cold at -5C. She walked to the grocery store to pick up a few things, wearing winter boots, gloves and her winter coat but refused to wear a hat. “Enough of this daft weather, she thought, I refuse to go back to winter.” Thank goodness she had a thick warm scarf to keep her neck warm but was it really enough?


frigid April day
braves March winds
truly a hat day

It was not unusual, however, to have snow in early April….the sky could hold clouds that may start as snow and end as rain. Ah, it was the transition from cold to mild. Perhaps even seasons go through endings and Mother Nature tries to soothe one season before letting go.


time to shuffle off
old father winter
let spring carpe diem

(c) Tournesol ’16/04/045

Day 5  of NaPoWriMo


Blogging A to Z 2016 Challenge

15 thoughts on “D is for daft (haibun) NaPoWriMo day 5, 2016

  1. “let spring carpe diem” — amen to that! Please let that happen soon. I drove through a snow storm in the morning yesterday to work, walked in the rain on my lunch break and drove in sleet on my way home. This morning it felt like january instead of April it was that cold!


      1. I am being careful, worry not 🙂 We have had some snow but it didn’t amount to much more than a pretty nuisance. The cold is harder to deal with since this is the time of year that they turning the heat off.


      2. Yes, I am lucky that I control the heat. But usually here the heat is turned off after Victoria weekend (or in Quebec we call it Fêtes des Patriotes) third week of May and after our Canadian thanksgiving mid October it turns back on.

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  2. I swear I think March and April conspired for the biggest, most prolonged April fool..ever! You had me cracking up with that preamble to your haibun, lol! It deserved that Amen.


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