Daily Moments March 12/16 Waning moon (haibun)

“My oh my, how time flies by these days”, she thought walking slowly from the store with her recycled bags in each hand.  She missed the sun set and the multicolours reflecting on the water and now it had dipped below the horizon rising on another part of the world.  She looked up at the sky turning a darker blue as the waxing moon shone down on her filling her with joy.  She set her bags on the sidewalk for a second and took out her phone aiming it at the sky.  It was difficult to do justice to such splendour.


halo embraces,
looks down at her and smiles,
that crescent moon


Daily Moment March 12, 2016 – waning moon (haibun)

Six Sentence Story

6 thoughts on “Daily Moments March 12/16 Waning moon (haibun)

  1. Beautiful and I’m so glad she stopped to take the photo. The camera can never duplicate the joy and elation we see with our minds-eye – but we get close!


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