Daily Moments March 10 20106 ~ an angel is born (haibun)


Walking to work today felt like flying…like her feet were walking just a few cm above the sidewalk. No snow on the pavement , the cool air comfortable at three degrees C and well, it felt like spring is truly coming…

around the corner
takes a sneak peak
searching for Spring

She was thinking of people she knew who were born this day since she had a memory for many old friends of long ago. Ah, yes, her high school  friend who was over 6ft tall.  That was quite unusual for the 60’s and NO ONE teased her. (smiles)  She also had the nicest smile.

And there was her sister’s first boyfriend when they were fifteen. She thought he was cute too but he teased her all the time, singing, “Walks like a boy” because she was tall and slanky with no curves whatsoever at thirteen.  Yes, she remembers him alright. But he was a good friend of her first crush, so she tolerated the taunts.

And now she met someone recently through the grace of internet and poetry …dearest Melinda’s http://melindakucsera.com/2016/03/10/give-truth-a-chance/comment-page-1/#comment-6242 birthday is today, on this 10th day of March…Happy Birthday, kiddo!

on this day
several moons away
an angel was born

© Tournesol ’16/03/10

Daily Moments March 10 20106 ~ an angel is born (haibun)

6 thoughts on “Daily Moments March 10 20106 ~ an angel is born (haibun)

    1. Thank you. I am reading your book…there are passages I stop and think of my mother`s passing a year ago.The Franciscan brothers is close to home too…my father was taught by them and his cousin became a brother and eventually a priest.


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