12 thoughts on “Daily Moments March 7/16 ~ cunning cat (haiku)

  1. I know that look having a pride of the furry ones. They focus on their prey, usually for mine its a fallen feather off the parrot or a faux mice in a variety of colors. Good stalkers. Unfortunately, they do have a keen sense for the real ones who do not have the sense to avoid a house filled with true stalkers. Play for them, not food, but capable of a lethal dose of teeth. It is difficult to accept animals who prey but I love cats and their opposite, birds and little creatures cats find fascinating. Good poem. Nice way to play with the words. They invoke memory flashes of nature shows of lions and their opposites.


    1. Yes, I do love cats and the unique personalities of each one. My Bette does NOT hunt…I had a mouse in the house a few years ago and she just stared at it for hours, cornering it…she just wanted to play but the mouse cowered in a corner instead. My other cats got rid of any rodents inside my home…not my Bette.


      1. Cats are unpredictable what behavior they will exhibit. Each so different. We have on cat I swear is a shape shifter. She become one of our other cats at night sometimes. I feel like I am hugging and petting the other cat. And they really are nothing alike. It happened this morning. I thought it was the other cat but it was her. My partner confirmed it. It happens all the time. Strange. No two cats feel the same, so how does she do it?

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