Daily Moments ~ Feb 22/16 ~ pure essence (a Tale & a Troiku)

Every day I walk about 3 km to get to work. It allows me to get to a place of calm and open heart. Being a thinker and worrier, I need to shut the chatter off by allowing it to dissipate with each step, each breath…

© Clr'16/02/21
© Clr’16/02/21

blues skies,
clouds in formation – hillocks
catch my breath

blue skies
lift my spirits
exude inner peace

clouds in formation – hillocks
captivating and halting
leave me breathless

catch my breath
holding nature’s pure essence
in my heart

© Tournesol ’16/02/22

Daily Moments ~ Feb 22/16

Carpe Diem  Episode 6 the teacher isn’t holy

17 thoughts on “Daily Moments ~ Feb 22/16 ~ pure essence (a Tale & a Troiku)

    1. When I was going to university and working part-time, I would park my car about 6 km away. I saved on parking because that faraway I found lots of free parking and I was in great shape. I’m not sure if that’s an option for you or parking just 10 blocks away can make a difference. We notice things we don’t usually see driving. I have so many photos of doors, stairs. Most of my photos are on my way to work.

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      1. I have a parking permit for the lot across the street. My employer pays for it and my car’s safe. I take walks on my lunch break but I would love to walk even more.


      2. Once in a while pretend you are s tourist …once a week. .. Walk less,observe more. I get ideas for stories that way. But I can only do it once in a while since it means leaving work early. I can’t wait for spring so I can walk at my break Its still too dark

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    1. I really enjoy writing this form…Chèvrefeuille’s last 6th insight inspired me and I wrote a troika from his haiku. Thanks so much for your kind words, Pat. Catching my breath is a good phrase isn`t it? Great minds think alike 😉

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