23 thoughts on “natural tunes (haiku – tanka)

      1. 😀 that sounds divine! I hope it’ll be warmer up by you. Down here we’re getting arctic cold 😦 It had to happen I suppose. I just read a whole slew of Louise Penny mystery/thrillers set in Montreal and its environs and now I am dying to visit Quebec! (When it’s warmer out of course)


      2. No it will be colder where I am going but it is very beautiful. I have lots of spring and summer photos of those places, will try to catch some nice winter photos and share.

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  1. These are so beautiful. I particularly related to this one:
    bumping on the pier
    ancient schooner groans
    each wave rocks
    rhythmic lazy tunes
    eventide’s blues

    We live a short walk from the beach and a river so we have the best of both water worlds. My parents’ had a beach house at Palm Beach with a boat ramp and I used to love sitting down there at sunset and after dark and inhaling the view and the whole sense of being just sitting there.
    Our family sails. My Dad sails and has a Catalina and my kids both do Sea Scouts. My husband and I woud also love to be out there but seem to spend much time chasing our tails.
    Very well written and much appreciated!
    xx Rowena


    1. How fortunate to be near the sea!! We sailed on a very small catamaran of 16ft…but it was fun…I loved best the end of the day resting by the beach, many men boasting about their sailing trips…my children wading in the lake and I would lie on the dark canvas watching boats coming in, listening to the sounds…

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      1. I love the sound sof the ocean and my appreciation has improved quite a lot since taking up the violin. I can truly appreciate the music of the sea. It’s so relaxing! xx Rowena


      2. Yes, you’re right. Apparently, it’s the instrument most like the human voice. I was playing “Memory from Cats the other day at my lesson and it was such a thrill to be able to hit those really high notes on my violin. Sometimes, my singing isn’t too bad but all my lung problems etc haven’t been kid to it and I’m not as young as I once was either.


      3. Yes, there are notes that make me weep. You are so gifted, I can`t even hold a note but I do love to listen and I think the world needs both.My daughter has a lovely voice. When she was very young, I would ask her to sing me a story.

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      4. Thanks very much Cheryl-Lynn. Not so gifted on the violin front but better at writing about it.
        That sounds so beautiful having your daughter sing you a story. I used to sing Twinkle to my kids. A friend’s grandchildren live in Paris andhe played me this clip of her singing and she was singing Twinkle in French. My heart melted!

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