Daily Moments Feb 12 /16 thinking of Janet (haiku)

This flash fiction was prompted by The Carrot Flash Fiction Challenge this week and we were to write about wild open spaces with a bonus if you could add something cute and furry.

The Witching Hour   (Flash Fiction 99 words – no more, no less)

It was approaching the witching hour that most parents dread.

“MOMMY!  Oli buggin me !” her toddler whined.

Oli snickered, proud he succeeded to put a dent in the mommy-daughter coziness since he arrived from JK.

It was only four-fifteen. She couldn’t take the squeals and whining.  She called her next-door neighbour, “Janet, I think I just might lose it.”

Janet let out her warm loving chuckle, “Send them over here and the girls will keep them busy.”

Biking towards the open fields, with each breath, she allowed her frustrations of the day to scatter over the wild daisies. (99 words)

Walking in the soft snow last night, I was reminded of our long winter walks at night, chatting about life and family. We would walk for hours.

Janet was a dear friend who kept me sane when my children were pre-schoolers.  She taught me to relax, stop trying to have the perfectly clean and tidy house and just enjoy the children. I am forever grateful to her and her family.  

This flash fiction inspired these haiku:

mother nature
wild and wondrous
takes me in

takes me in
warm and loving heart
a true friend

© Tournesol `16/02/12

Daily Moments – thinking of Janet Feb 12/16







19 thoughts on “Daily Moments Feb 12 /16 thinking of Janet (haiku)

      1. according to books and movies, up there is so stress free that everyone up there grows bored and watches our lives, following our triumphs and failures like as if we were each a professional sports team 😉


  1. That scene sure brings back memories for me. Lots of squabbling. And it was quite an eye opening moment when I discovered that quiet, “innocent” Sreejit was often the one that provoked Chaitanya’s screeching!


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