a mother’s love (haibun)

He was ten years old, who did quite well in school. He was third in his class, captain of his soccer team and the light of his mom’s heart. Right after school he would sometimes pick up a book for persons who were visually impaired, at the local library , for his gran; she was usually chatting with the neighbours downstairs.  He’d hug his grandmother and rush up to the fourth floor to their one bedroom apartment.  His mom and gran shared the bedroom and he slept on the pull-out couch which was fine by him so he felt like the man of the house watching the front door…just in case.

His mother was sitting at the kitchen table with her first cup of black coffee of the day and smoke was  curling from her cigarette up to the ceiling.  He loved her long auburn locks that fell down the middle of her back.  He kissed her on both cheeks and munched on his after school snack, chatting with  her about his day.  She always seemed so interested in every word he said…smiling with her heart-shaped lips.

a mother’s love
stencils her son’s face,
ink of her heart

Someday, he hoped to graduate and get a good job to take care of his family, so his mom wouldn’t have to work at that factory all night long.

a mother’s love
shielding like a lioness
genuine and strong

© Tournesol’16/02/08

Written for: Carpe Diem Special #196 Hamish Gunn’s 2nd “on the street corner”

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