time floats (haibun)

©Clr'16/01/24 -23:45
©Clr’16/01/24 -23:45

She struggles to be on time at work but for dinners, parties, outings, she is usually late. She prefers to say, fashionably late. Being a night person and working late shifts, means late morning rise, working into the night.

nightly reflections
slow-dancing with her muse
kissing dawn goodnight

(c) Tournesol ’16-2-8

34 thoughts on “time floats (haibun)”

  1. The short intro worked well in this haibun, and the haiku was rather sumptuous, I must say. A warm, tactile haiku, each line knitting together but working cleverly and sensually on its own as well.


      1. True … at least in some fields. I’ve found it’s better if not completely opposites though .. I think this is about the first really big difference I’ve ever discovered between us.


      2. I might be able to get used to waking up at dawn and going to bed before 10, that way I see dawn and sunsets and stars! but when I stop working…until then, c’est la vie!..ou ma vie 😉

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      3. Ah … then not really a choice if you have to work nights now is it 😀 Anyway my personal sleeping habits also became a habit from my working days when I used to wake up to at 5:30 to catch a 7:00 train and didn’t get back home in the evenings until 6:00.


      4. I miss my day shift 8 to 4 when I took the bus at 6:30. I would walk for 2 to 3 hours several times a week right after work…boy was I in good shape then for a 50 yr old 😉

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      5. There are some real disadvantages to working night shifts .. first of all it totally upsets your whole night day relationship … and it’s pretty hard to go out for a two hour walk at night.


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