snow drifts (haibun)


Walking home was not easy with a sore shoulder, bruised knee and back that felt like her spine was made up of toothpicks. The chill was tolerable in her down filled parka but the weight of her backpack on that bad shoulder and bad hand resting her cane made coming home to a warm bath her only goal.


snow drifts
mounds of white block her path
wind at my back


Daily Moments January 19/16

9 Replies to “snow drifts (haibun)”

    1. The right shoulder and hand is s bummer but will heal as well as my pride. I did not feel embarassed but when I told my son on the phone last night, he asked, Did anyone see? I said only cars and no one slowed down to see if I needed help, which I did. He laughed and said the drivers must have had a chuckle. Hmmm well, at least made their blue monday funny. I aim to please.

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    1. I took the day off to ice my shoulder and back. At least the knee is just bruised. But there IS a lot of me to ice. I was feeling sorry for myself yesterday for walking in this dreadful cold windy snow. But since I will only step out to go to the pharmacie, I am in better spirits. Thanks for asking, Janice. I thought of your fall here.


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