Daily Moments January 18’16 – Blue Monday (haiku)

It snowed all night and continued snowing lightly as she left for work.  The sidewalk had not yet been ploughed so the nice cushion of snow seemed nice and safe; she decided to brave the walk without studs on her boots. The snow was fluffy like talcum powder. She stops facing the sun that is trying to peak through the clouds and soaks up the beauty briefly.

serene and chic
perpetual grace

Content with the view, she continues on her way to the bus and then she slips…where the heck that patch of ice waits mockingly under that pure whiteness. She could have been a clown at the Shriner’s Circus with flailing arms, wrestling with her backpack and wobbly knees…which would reach gravity first? It was a tie! Left knee crashes to the sneering ice and body is pulled by weight of her backpack crashing her shoulder to the ground. Not an easy feat to get up…Oh, yes, of course, she forgets to remove that 20 pound bag. She is whining now, from the pain, slightly feeling defeated and sorry for herself and then she remembers her collapsible cane is in her bag which saves the day. Onward and forward, she limps slowly.

mounting the bus
awkward but determined
with her cane
pokes a teen off assigned seating
deserving and pleased

© Tournesol ’16/01/18

Daily Moments January 18  2016

Interesting that today is Blue Monday the most depressing day of the year.

9 thoughts on “Daily Moments January 18’16 – Blue Monday (haiku)

  1. oh no, I hope you’re ok! Glad you got a seat on the bus and that you didn’t have to walk home soar and bruised with a heavy pack. We’re supposed to get a blizzard this weekend. So ice and snow’s a-coming!


    1. I took the day off since the day after is worse and I don’t have the energy or patience to climb snowbanks today…the snow and wind kept up most of the night so it is not pedestrian friendly. The winds made it feel so much colder too.

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  2. Oh, no! Cleats for sure from now on, Cheryl-Lynn. Does that sound like a mom or what? Assigned seating? Is that something one pays for or for the handicapped?


    1. Cleats, yes. I prefer the word stud 😉 On the bus there is one seat behind the bus driver for visually impaired and three seat for those with limited mobility which no one respects. I have always wanted to kick someone who had no business there when I see many elderly people struggling to find a seat.


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