Jan 17 Daily Moments (haiga) snow views

white carpets

white carpets
under grey skies
arresting homes

Walking to the grocery store, she stopped now and then took photos of the landscapes. Her focus was the front door of most houses all adorned with their winter addition. Can you see the common theme here?


shovel house

winter home
seasonal fixture rests
geared up for snow

Temperatures rose in the afternoon melting the snow in the streets adding puddles on the side that were not pedestrian friendly.  She regretted wearing her white parka.

Yet, it was still pleasant walking in the mild weather just barely zero Celsius… no need to wear a hat was a nice treat to feel the wind blow in her hair; walking was slow due to the snow-covered sidewalks but still nice. Sidewalks are not plowed in most residential areas. A crow flew overhead and she noticed for the first time the thick winter nests for birds that were brave to stay here and not fly south.

pine haiga

snow dusted pine
cradling soft whiteness
dressed for winter


20 thoughts on “Jan 17 Daily Moments (haiga) snow views

    1. I love that one too, Melinda, thank you! When I took it, I saw a cradle immediately. It is back to winter today but I got my new long johns (Helly Hensen) on sale for 9.99$ from $45.00 and my warm coat. I just love bargains.

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      1. It is waxing your skis that helps which I did not know until the third or fourth time trying to climb those hills…lol. now I would be content to ski on a golf course or snow shoe (I may get some, they are not as clumsy and big as the ones I used to have)

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  1. Splendid shovels! We left our’s in Missouri. It is sunny with wisps of clouds and a 51 F right now. No need for shovels. I do miss the beauty of the snow so thanks for sharing the landscapes!


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