Blue skies for Belinda (troiku)


blue skies
sun rays lift
wispy clouds

blue skies
for Belinda
to make her smile

sun rays lift
like a mood ring
souls soar

wispy clouds
drifting lightly with such ease
floating heart


Blue skies for Belinda (Troiku)

25 thoughts on “Blue skies for Belinda (troiku)

  1. You have deeply touched my heart. The sky is my absolute favorite art. The fact that you thought of me when taking these pictures has brought me to tears, happy ones, thank you. May I re-blog this my friend? xo


      1. Undoubtedly my friend! What you did is so thoughtful and I never want to miss an opportunity to say, you matter to me, and the fact you thought of me in relation to the sky fills my eyes with tears. xo


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