Daily Moments Jan 16 2016 sensual sky haibun

Walking across the street, she almost tripped over her feet looking up admiring the moon. Despite the frigid air, she felt blessed watching beauty in the night sky.

look at you
seductive with your curve
beaming at me
that halo around you,
such cosmic grace

© Tournesol ’16/01/16

Daily Moments – Jan 16/16

10 thoughts on “Daily Moments Jan 16 2016 sensual sky haibun

    1. “enamored”, I like that! It fits perfectly how I felt last night. I didn’t even try to take a photo with my Iphone. Before I retire (soon I think) I want to get a a better camera than my snapshot Canon. But before I want to take a course to make a better choice on what I need and not the retailer 😉 Thanks for you lovely comment, Hank!

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    1. Thank you! that comment reminds me when we are young and go to a concert or see a band in a bar and the singer is looking in our direction, we like to fantasize he or she is looking straight at ME 😀 But all joking aside, the moon is and some day we will have our lune de miel.


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