January 14, daily moments Winter’s dress (Kikôbun)


The wind had died down yet the temperatures had dropped.  Wrapped in her down-filled coat, fleece cagoule and studs clipped on her wool lined boots,  she took her time walking from the Métro.  Walking through the fresh fallen snow, felt like trudging through bushels of icing sugar…fluffy and white.  She felt like a child again, kicking that fluff up and watching the weightless fluff spill over her boots.



Soft patches of ice hidden beneath the snow caught a few night walkers by surprise as they slipped; their bodies wobbling like circus clowns, yet refused to give in to gravity.  “Ah, they were so young and agile”, she thought.  She was quite pleased she had extra insurance to stay grounded on her walk home.

© Clr'16/01/4
© Clr’16/01/4

winter kimono
baby powder soft
pine’s Sunday’s best

© Tournesol ’16/01/14

17 thoughts on “January 14, daily moments Winter’s dress (Kikôbun)

      1. huh, you must have the powdery snow. Generally down here we get the wet heavy kind that’s not fun to shovel but occasionally we get the powdery type, which I like much better! 🙂


    1. Well it is chilly only minus 15C but with the windchill (that almost knocked me over) it feels way colder. At least at night when I finish work, the wind has died down.


  1. love the tree in its ‘Sunday-best’
    We have not seen any snow yet this winter. Those grips for soles look to be a good idea.


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