Daily moments January 11, 2016 (Carpe Diem! haibun)

© Clr’16/01/11

It felt like spring last night with the plus 6 Celsius and rain. The wind reminded her of March winds pushing even her tall  frame on the dark, shiny streets walking home.

This morning was a surprise, no more grey skies but azure blue with splashes of white here and there. The winds blowing in the distance looks like the tree across the street was waving at her, probably warning her of the 20 degree drop in temperature.

first light of day
white frost seizes
shivering limbs

© Tournesol’16/01/11

Daily Moments

4 thoughts on “Daily moments January 11, 2016 (Carpe Diem! haibun)

    1. Thank you, Melinda. Man was it cold today…so windy walking to work today, the wind almost pushed me onto a busy street…and I`m tall and heavy! I couldn’t imagine my grandson walking with me.

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      1. oh wow, it was cold and blustery here too though thankfully all that rain yesterday/last night didn’t freeze into ice. I don’t know where it went, (the ground must have slurped it up). 🙂 Sorry to hear you had wind issues. It was bad here but I just wore extra layers and leaned into the wind 😉 Carrying a heavy bag helps to ground me. I’m small and easily tossed about by the wind.


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