Daily Moments Jan 7 2016 (Shame on you! -haibun)

Does greed alone rule the world? Must one make money on the sufferings of others?  This is not a statement about being politically correct…no indeed!  It is a cry of frustration and disappointment that, yet again, the greedy vulturesw takes over common sense, compassion and savoir vivre.

Screen shot -sold at Amazon
Screen shot -sold at Amazon

shame on you
worst kind of selfish vultures
make a fast buck
no concern for those hurting
seeking only their own gain

© Tournesol ‘16/01/07

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15 Replies to “Daily Moments Jan 7 2016 (Shame on you! -haibun)”

  1. Cheryl-Lynn, just submitted a review on Amazon titled, “Huge Amazon Fail.” Don’t know if they’ll publish it, but hopefully they’ll get the message. Really bad decision on their part to sell this. Thanks for letting us know.


    1. Thanks to that amazing teenager in Calagary…I saw her interview on Facebook. I felt it necessary (like you) to not just complain about it but let Amazon know it slipped through the cracks (I’m assuming)


  2. Too many people think making money justifies just about anything, including Amazon. If they pull it, it will be a business decision, not a moral one. “Shame” indeed.


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