Daily moments Jan 5 2016- Morning Glory ( Haibun )

© Clr’16/01/05 7:35

Watching the sun rise at 7:30 she notices a seamless grey surround the sun. She sighs at this beauty despite the grey backdrop only accentuates the splendour of that golden sphere. After settling at her desk with a fresh cup of java, she notices the heavy grey is lifting and white patches of curvy billows and large splashes of blue appear in the sky. She marvels as the The artist paints a series of images on  heavenly canvas.

© Clr’16/01/05 8:34

morning glory
transformations of beauty
I bow my head

© Tournesol’16/01/05

20 thoughts on “Daily moments Jan 5 2016- Morning Glory ( Haibun )

      1. but you do it so well and in such away that the form spares no detail. I am astounded! I would have needed 3x the words to do it justice. You are have a gift.


      2. If you look at my other blog you will see how I do not spare words…(smiles) but yes that takes practise. I am enjoying writing Flash fiction under 100 words. That is an excellent practice. Thecarrotranch is one and FridayFictioneers…both have weekly prompts under 100 words. Now that is not easy but a fun challenge.

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      3. Friday Fictioneers is a picture prompthttps://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/2015/12/30/1-january-2016/ and Rochelle wrote Please Say Kadish for me which is truly an epic…a great book to read.

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      4. I’ll check out the book.I am always looking for good books to read and ways to support other authors. I’ve done a few of her prompts but the ones recently don’t fit my genre. I write fantasy and I couldn’t make them fit.I keep an eye out for ones that will fit and those I tackle with relish! 🙂


      5. I started out with a Kobo several years ago until I rolled over it in bed. Then I got a mini Kobo which is fine but a bit small for pdf files and finally last summer I got a Kindle at 79$ Canadian which is a steal. I much prefer my Kindle since there are so many books I can get only on Kindle. I’m also a member to https://www.bookbub.com/home where I get free book offers several times a week. I have discovered new authors that way and purchased their other books at real good prices too. I read my Kindle books on the bus on my phone most times since I always have my phone out.

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      6. cool, I can make my book free in feb. Amazon won’t let me until then. I am looking into getting a kindle. I’m not sure which one to get. Do I need a light? I have no idea but apparently that’s one of the differences.


      7. It may take less battery to get the simplest one and buy a case that includes a little light…that is what I did with my kobo but we do get spoiled with our phones…I read the last few pages on my phone with the lights off to doze off….okay, I just convinced you to take the backlight one:)

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