bracing (haibun)

Her mother was a sun worshiper and loved three seasons for the warmth of the sun; the budding flowers in spring,  summer sun turning her skin golden and the lush colours of autumn. Winter was not her favourite season.  She loved Christmas for her children and grandchildren; New Year’s Eve was a ritual to watch people celebrate at Time’s Square. No, winter was a season she could easily skip.

Every time family and friends phoned her in winter, she warned them to stay home and not drive on the slippery roads.  Winter was a time to sleep and hibernate like a bear.

Winter starts to show off in late autumn here. By mid-November there have been a few snowfalls.  That early Monday morning in December,  her daughter phoned to check up on her mother’s failing health…it was time, the nurse said.

© Clr ’14

frost tipped branches
spreading fallen leaves,
bracing for a chill

© Tournesol ’15/12/02