December rain (haibun – daily moments)

If it weren’t for seeing parking lots packed at shopping malls, people carrying shopping bags along with their briefcase on their way home, you would never think it was two days before Christmas. The Christmas cheer is floating in the air despite the rain and lack of white powder on the ground. It just does not feel right!

December rains
colours nature grey
chasing snow angels

© Tournesol ’15/12/22

10 thoughts on “December rain (haibun – daily moments)

  1. You are so right but I like the warm weather. It would be nice to have a little sun to go with but the weather man says more rain’s on the way. At least my peppermint and parsley plants are happy! They turning into little bushes.


      1. The three stray cats in my neighborhood star at my mint plant but they can’t seem to figure out what to make of it. They’d never actually touched it. Peppermint likes shady, moist spots, which I have a-plenty. Spearmint likes sun and it likes to hog the sun! So my peppermint is spreading out and taking over the window box now that its competition died with the last frost.


      2. Our soil is very clay like, not like back home, so perhaps it is difficult for some plants to take but the advantage with clay is that it keeps humidity during dry spells.

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      3. Peppermint will grow almost anywhere that’s out of the hot sun, but it prefers a moderately rich soil and at least partial shade. So if you have that, you’ll have a happy plant. Just water it; it likes about an inch of water a week. 🙂


      4. We had so much rain last summer I did not have to water but I’ll certainly check into peppermint. It’s great to add with water, cucumber and lemon


    1. Oh my! I still can’t believe we will be jumping from 35F today to 69F tomorrow.But I won’t complain since I have errands to do on foot and bus. Rain is better tolerated when it’s not too cold.


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