fairy dust (haibun- daily moments)

The day started with a surprise visit..  I had planned to take a bus to pick up a parcel it and get some items at the grocery store next door.  My son arrived minutes after I had showered, so, I quickly braided my wet hair and rushed out. He mentioned he has to guard frenzied drivers to avoid an accident.  I couldn’t agree more with his need to err on caution since I was careful crossing the street c as well; there seemed too many hurried drivers running red lights and cutting other cars off.

I took advantage of his arms and his car to get heavier items at the store.  We stopped for a submarine on our way home.  As I was waiting for our order to ring up, my son was pointing to the homemade cookies on the counter.  For a moment I felt like I was right back 30 years ago when he was seven and silently eyeing something like a hot wheel or candy bar. A gush of warmth swept over me.

As we stepped out of the restaurant there was blowing snow…looked like millions of tiny white beads spreading on the dark pavement.  Temperatures had dropped today and I was hopeful the ground would stay white just a while longer.

North winds quicken
snow clouds dim late afternoons
chilling brittle bones
fairy dust on dark pavements
brightens this early dusk

© Tournesol ‘15/12/19

11 thoughts on “fairy dust (haibun- daily moments)

  1. Sending you Fairy Dust from Port Fairy, Oz – 🙂 I ‘m not blogging at the moment so am out of touch with your latest posts. I’ll be back blogging at new sites in the new year so I’ll catch up with you again then I hope. Merry Christmas. love – Suzanne


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