perception (haibun)

Today, I woke up looking out the window at the rain; 9 C on December 17th is so rare.  I thought to myself, “Why wait for New Year’s resolutions?” and thought of a haiku at that moment.  Why not write a haiku (or more) a day when the thought pops up in my mind?  Sure I write sometimes three or four posts a day with prompts…but why not go back to basics?  The  reason I started all of my blogs…to journal thoughts of the day and now that I enjoy haiku so much, why not put that moment in a haiku every day?

© clr 2014

wakes up to the rain
looks out at that sky of gloom
crawls back into bed

I have to admit that the rain looked bleak from the inside, but once I walked to work, dressed in my hooded raincoat, I felt pretty darn good.  Isn’t it amazing how life offers you wonderful opportunities to take another look?

two sides of a coin
makes or breaks

looks out the window
lamenting skies
one-sided view

sparkles of joy
nature’s gems

© Tournesol ‘15

8 thoughts on “perception (haibun)”

  1. great idea about the haiku moments. would really help put one’s self in the here and now. it was a pleasure seeing the shift from one perspective to another, especially when it shifts toward one of gratitude. something to contemplate for a resolution for me, to focus on finding that gratitude in the moment. Yet like you I wouldn’t try to deny if I am not feeling particularly positive.


    1. Thank you so much for your thought provoking comment! I have spent weeks in a dark mood, so it was nice to notice that brief moment of light, so I decided to embrace it by writing it down.

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    1. Thanks, Janice, slowly getting into the positive mood. The words of Mother Theresa got me back in a positive way…I posted it on fb after reading it on the her dec 16th post


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