tipping the scale

hunters’ rules,
doe eyed creatures with antlers
balancing nature

balancing nature
humans embracing greed,
tipping the scale


Haiku Horizons “balance”

22 thoughts on “tipping the scale

    1. Indeed! I was on public transit during rush hour (normally I travel afternoon and late evenings) I could not get over how much we resemble Yahoos as in Gulliver’s Travels on subways..grrr.


  1. Bravo … I loved how you wrote these two haiku … as we say in Italian: una botta e risposta … which I’m not sure how I’d say in English … but it is brilliant the balance followed by the imbalance …

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    1. Love that expression, I am not sure we have that in French or in English but I will check at work if they have heard of this saying in French. I have a book of Idioms in English that I keep hanging around for guests or anyone to flip through…that might be a fun prompt especially when English is someone’s second language.

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