bare beauty (haibun)


/© Clr ’15/07/25

Summer visits on these sacred grounds, loving friends and families rest in peace.  Weeping willows adorn the gardens  among the birch and evergreens like special spices turn her grandmother’s  turkey stuffing outstanding.

© Clr'15© Clr’15

Today she visits her mother’s place of rest setting a poinsettia at the grave site.  December 2nd will be one year since she left to join her step-father. Now they rest together, resuming their love story of yesteryear.  The bare weeping willows and birch stand silent in respect for those who rest.  The sun sets as she chants her mantra softly.

© Clr'15
© Clr’15

wispy willow weeps,
autumn sheds its leaves- yet,
naked beauty

© Tournesol’15

21 Replies to “bare beauty (haibun)”

      1. The rainbow colours in the sky in the first photo took my breath away. I’ve never seen anything like it. I am happy you enjoyed your walk and the precious moments of reflection. Best wishes. x


      2. Good morning. I was moved by your words. However, as I’d only just happened on your blog because of the photos, I felt out of place saying something about your bereavement. I am glad you’re well and look forward to catching up with your future work. xo

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