Maple seeds (haibun)


As a child she used to climb the maple tree at her Grandmaman’s and take the maple seeds and see them float in the air like a helicopter. But sometimes she would just lie on her back on the grass by the river, looking up and pretend they were miniature bananas!

river breeze
bananas sway gently
takes me far away

© Tournesol ’15

© Clr `15

7 Replies to “Maple seeds (haibun)”

    1. Hey! I was little then (chuckles) and I had a wild imagination. I took a bunch of photos of those bananas today on my way to work. I think I’ll write a poem about them


    1. Oh, Lynn, I am so pleased to hear this since I have not met anyone who has yet…I am sorry for your loss, however. Remembering old stories like that are nice visits though, aren’t they?


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