020 – 30 doh – 30 days of September Divine Intervention (haiga)

couché de soleil miroité

chaque coup de pinceau
à travers la glace , forge
Sa signature

© Tournesol ’15

mirored sunset

through the looking glass-
each brush stroke bares,
His signature

© Tournesol ’15

020 – 30 doh – 30 days of September 20th, with Rick Daddario -“painting”

22 thoughts on “020 – 30 doh – 30 days of September Divine Intervention (haiga)

    1. Great minds think alike…I just checked your and then saw your comment here…thank you so much. I am enjoying your contributions. I added a tab in my menu for 30 days of Haiga…it would be nice if others did this so I can check it out again and again 🙂


      1. I checked your blog and with your new theme I cannot see a menu…that is: On the administration page you use to edit posts, pages…scroll down to Appearance: Click on Menu, add About (if you have a page about who you are) and on the left side look at categories and/tags and see if there are some titles you would like included in your menu. Click on the box next to what you want to add to your Menu and SAVE the menu, click the box for Primary Menu and save again. Now if you ever used 30 days of Haiga as a tag or category, you can add that to the menu.

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      2. Thank you so much for giving me so much helpful information. Of course I have seen that Menu button before now that you mention it but I had never thought to use it. Now I know how I will do so when I have more time. Thanks again.


      3. Thank you. It might be a while. My blogging energy feels flat again. Getting thro 30 doh is stimulating but hard.


      4. Yes it is a lot of time…flipping through other sites that offer prompts that seem easy seems to perk up my spirits…I have a tab at the top menu on my other blog entitled: Daily Prompts if they interest you.

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      5. That’s a good idea. I am prompt hopping too – I think I might combine several in one post today or tomorrow. That often gives me more creative scope.


      1. You telling me! I’ve been spending most of my days the past week doing a lot of walking … taking advantage of these last warm days … and taking pictures. In the end, most of my computer time is being spent editing … BTW … if you’re interested, I’ve been putting my haiga up as a page on my header under Japanese Poetry — 30 Days of Haiga – September 2015 … the other two years are there too.


      2. Cool!!! I also put up a new heading added to my menu 30days of haiga on both blogs. There is a reason to categorize our stuff after all, eh? Now that I am collecting narratives and flash ficitons from my other site…fortunately I have saved them under narratives or writing exercise on my ONE Drive.


      3. That’s what tags and categories are good for … I’m slowly adding all my earlier work to the header menu under their parent category. I actually saw this done by a blogger who doesn’t blog any more … he’d do his weekly write then put it up as a page making the original posts private.


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