juicy delight (30 doh Haiga- 017 September 17)


season’s delights
amber, red and yellow leaves
juicy apples.

© Tournesol’15

30 doh – September 17 – 30 days of Haiga 017 Apples – Rick Daddario

8 thoughts on “juicy delight (30 doh Haiga- 017 September 17)

      1. I hear it will be mild this winter…anyway our fall is heading to a strange start.It was 29C today and forecast of 19C tomorrow…I could live between 15 to 20 forever:)

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      2. Yes I like the temperature at around 22-23. 15 is a bit cold for me. I hope you do get a mild winter – last winter sounded awful for you.


      3. I was used to the milder winters in Toronto, Ontario I think and I walk a fair bit to and from work so it maybe that. Being on an island the cold damp air is not pleasant nor is -25-30C But let’s savour this mild autumn we have. It is all relative, isn’t it? I guess I should have brought a sweater to walk home, it’s gone down to 11…oh well, I’ll walk faster 😉

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      4. brrr- I guess it’s what you are used to.
        I didn’t know you lived on an island. I would love to know more about the geography of where you live. Have you ever blogged about it?


      5. I had a scarf and was just fine. Yes, it does depend on what your body is accustomed to. I no longer live on the island but work in Montreal…I live just across the bridge from the city. Somewhat like Manhattan is an island but we have far less people.


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