015-30doh-2015 r ~ Day 15: Undisclosed (haiga)

secrets and doors

untold stories
hidden behind closed doors
  such a mystery

© Tournesol ’15

015-30doh-2015 30 days of September ~ Day 15: mystery – Rick Daddario

11 thoughts on “015-30doh-2015 r ~ Day 15: Undisclosed (haiga)

    1. Thanks, Janice, I have so many photos I have taken in the past few year walking to work, of doors, sometimes with a tricycle in front…or a broken bike…so many questions…my imagination goes wild and the stories keep me company until I get to work:)


  1. What a perceptive haiku. You are right. So much goes on behind closed doors. The photo edit is really effective.


  2. aloha Cheryl-Lynn. your haiga gave me a smile. so true. so true. so true. and sometimes. . . . the doors are as interesting as the stories. . . . fun on the image. fun on the haiku. fun on the haiga.

    thank you for continuing to link up even tho i am not getting around as often as i’d like.

    fun on. aloha. rick.


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