Through the thicket, I saw wonder (haibun)

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Walking through the shortcut to work on that regular footpath she noticed so many leaves had fallen with the winds of the night before.   Saddened as she saw many of the wildflowers turning different shades of brown.   She would miss her walk in this thicket seeing buttercups and wild daisies and that purplish blue butterfly too.  A huge tree branch lay across the path and she stood there looking at how one night changed a season…just one night!  As she walked further into the thicket and within a few feet she saw her blue butterfly.  Surely it couldn’t be the same one she saw in June!!  Elated…just filled with childish joy, she slowly approached the butterfly and it closed up its wing sitting on a daisy…her favourite kind of daisy too!!  She saw it open its wings a bit gradually and then close them again.  She smiled at how smart this butterfly was.  It actually thought it was camouflaged enough to trick her.  And that game of hide and seek continued for several minutes…Oh, another flutter of those tiny velvety wings…once, twice …such joy to see and feel the beauty of this past season lingering here in September.

September wonder
amid the thicket
a butterfly rests
gracious daisy gives
last of her sweet nectar

© Tournesol ’15

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