lost innocents (haiku)

glimmer of hope
glows within childlike hearts
pure innocence

pure innocence
destroyed- with fatal attacks

impartial judgement
in the after life

© Tournesol ’15

Three Word Wednesday – fatal – glimmer – impartial

12 thoughts on “lost innocents (haiku)

    1. Of course you have a lot on your mind!! younger children, busy household…life goes on. That is a day my children lost their innocence and I felt I could No longer keep them safe…they were young adults then. I think when we are parents we see how fragile life can be. Have a blessed day, Celestine.


  1. 9/11/1918 was the day my mom was born. So the day holds additional meaning and sadness this year. The head of sales at the company where I worked had a last minute change in his flight arrangements in Boston. Was not on the plane crashed into the North Tower. He sat at my table in the cafeteria, looked me in the eyes and said, “Why me? Why was I saved?” My son’s ex FIL had a meeting rescheduled for a different day or he would have been in the North Tower holding a meeting at the time of the crash. He, too, wondered aloud what had caused him to reschedule the meeting. My son was one of two people left in the American Airlines human resources headquarters. All else dispatched to deal with the chaos and traumatized flight personnel. I did my best to just keep folks on track building circuit boards…..


    1. Oh my, Janice!!Thank you for sharing… such a day this is for you…I will be thinking of you tomorrow.and your family. I cannot even imagine how that day was for people close to you…one wonders, why not me? Our personnel were given permission to leave if they wanted to as our offices in Toronto were across the street from the US Embassy…and well, everyone fear…did not know…I had called in sick that day to bring my 13 yr old Snauzer to the vet…when I call my supervisor, he told me to open the television and I saw the North tower go down…two hours later, I went to get Desirée (my dog) and wished my son was with me as only my daughter lived with me then…Desirée lived only minutes after she returned to our condo. OUr phone lines were inundated with calls youths to young adults. That`s when I stopped buy and reading newspapers…I could be of no help or comfort if I was freaked out too.


  2. We remember. My younger children were frightened at the sight of airplanes after 9-11…imagine what horrors Syrian children have experienced.


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