September 1 to 4, 2015 30 days of Haiga

I am catching up to 30 days of Haiga; Rick Daddario launches his daily challenge in September … 30 days of Haiga

Here are the prompts for first 4 days of September

1. [for Sept. 1]
Northern Hemisphere: The calendar and late summer
Southern Hemisphere: The calendar and late winter
2. [for Sept. 2]
Northern Hemisphere: Fire and the beach
Southern Hemisphere: Fire and a fireplace
3. [for Sept. 3]
Northern Hemisphere: Afternoon tea
Southern Hemisphere: Skyscrapers
4. [for Sept. 4]
Northern Hemisphere: Macadamia nuts
Southern Hemisphere: Wildlife

September 1 Late summer

Photo credits: Caroline Michaud Photographie

folly of innocence,
summer love ends – but,
forever engraved

Sept 2 buried in cinders

Frozen in time

whispered promises –
will you still remember,
dreams carved in sand

Sept 3 Afternoon tea


life’s simple pleasures,
nana lets the tea steap – waits,
after school treat

September 4 Wildlife (this one spoke more to me)

bird on a wire

vacant campground
bird on a wire –
rippling silence

© Tournesol ’15


10 thoughts on “September 1 to 4, 2015 30 days of Haiga

  1. aloha Cheryl-Lynn. catching up is an issue i created. thank you for your patience. i was very late getting 30doh underway this year. and still you are zinging along. very cool.

    i particularly like the way you are exploring the placement of the haiku in the image. the first one is a great play between two-dimentional flatness and three-dimentional depth. i like that.

    the color particularly stands out for me in the second image. i like those golden soft yellows and off-whites.

    the references to memories of loved moments in tea treats is one i like as well as the reference to meditation in the last one.

    well done. and fun too. thank you. aloha. rick.


    1. Oh wow, Rick, what a lovely comment!! you taking the time to visit us all. I appreciate the time you are putting into this challenge. I would have to say that I do enjoy creating haiga very much!


      1. My pleasure … lately I’ve not been visiting many blogs – unless they’re related to haiku or MLMM … I think I’m going to have to find a different way to go about blogging once I get home, reading your work (though I couldn’t comment on all my visits) was stimulating … you’ve got such a great style and voice.


      2. Thank you so much, cara, I am trying to get some sort of schedule as well…I find reading only haiku and other prompts limits me to my old buddies. How is it I used to write at least 5 to 6 posts a day and read so many other blogs two years ago?? It`s like I work in slow motion…but then again, I have slowed down a lot since mom passed. I should just go with the flow…people who really know me, understand. Gros câlin mon amie…je suis en extasse ce long weekend de la fête du travail, j’ai eu des câlins forts forts de mon petit fils…c’est cela ma raison d’être!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I ask myself the same question every day … however did I do the same thing just two years ago. Lately I just don’t have the stamina, and of course there’s the fact that I don’t usually have day time to write .. once my husband is up the computer goes down … sigh. Anyway, I understand completely .. and there’s no better reason to be happy then being with our grandchildren … hugs.


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