silence restored (haibun)

Mont Oford

The first weekend of September celebrates Labour Day; this truly marks summer’s end. Youths return  to school or college and parents find this the best time to pack up the summer cottage or camper.   Surely there will be many revelers around the last seasonal bonfire until the following spring.

Perhaps a few businesses may grieve the loss of revenue; small villages, on the other hand, are finally returned to their residents as peaceful movements on their roads resume.

doves mourn in the park
seagulls screeching by the lake –
all those lost treats!

City folks in the ‘60’s had to drive through her small town and often stopped at the chip wagon next to the park. Many Montréalais had heard,  by word of mouth,  of the delicious frites Chez Roger.  Most were off to the Eastern Townships surrounded by lakes and mountains to relax at their summer cottages or camps.

on a mountain path
wildlife embrace the stillness,
alone – home, at last!

alone – home at last!
little critters celebrate –
silence of the night

© Tournesol ’15

Carpe Diem Tokubetsudesu “summer’s end”

8 thoughts on “silence restored (haibun)

    1. Aww that’s so nice, Janice! I remember some city people coming down to my town in the between 1958-1962 and people thinking we didn’t have running water in our house or a toilet…sheeesh! But camping I too made great friends in smaller villages thinking of retiring there…You and Gene will just have to come back…soon!


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