night tweets (haibun)

Wikipedia – American Robin

How odd, she thought, to hear birds singing late at night when she walks home. Every night she hears the distinct songs from trees decorating the lit entrance of the shopping mall. Day workers hear the blended melodies of birds preparing for dusk but she often misses this.  It makes her think of long ago, sitting in the kitchen with her grandmaman before retiring…a cuppa and pain grillé with pâté de foi gras or tête au fromage; they would chat a bit about this and that always ending with this loving elder’s counsel to say her prayers before going to sleep.

Working late, she rarely hears the birds gathering chirping one over the other. But every night, she hears this lovely tweeting and it comforts her. She feels blessed being remembered when she hears the birds singing at night…she has not been forgotten.

starlit sky
walks home chanting her mantra
chirping robins greet
nature in its purest form
beauty blends for all to feel

© Tournesol ’15

Carpe Diem

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