Guest Star: Koharu + haiku

Check out this lovely story with amazing photos of Koharu.

This haiku is for you Koharu:

spring miracle
showering cherry blossoms
Koharu purrs

© Tournesol ’15


Hi everyone,

Today we have a special Guest story from one of our Japanese readers MASAKAZU and their cat companion Koharu. This story was kindly translated from japanese by one of our other friends. Please do excuse any spelling mistakes you may find! 😉

We normally go to work which makes our cats alone in the house during the day at weekdays. However as you offered to feature Koharu, I decided to share my story with you and your followers.

The situation for cats in Japan is in some aspects sad, many “pet supermarkets” still exist in Japan. In such shops, you can see a variety of kittens in very small cages, almost like an exhibition. The amount of kittens that bad breeders produce are much more than our demand. Additionally some irresponsible pet owners discard their pet. It’s said that about 100,000 cats are killed every year in Japan. However NPO and…

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