clueless dummy (troiku)

Inspired by the Lovely Lolly’s scarecrow haiku. Visiting her blog is such a delight at Foralovelything

new scarecrow …
already a field mouse pokes
around its fly
© Laura “Lolly” Williams (published in Lovely Things, CDHK- e book)


© Tournesol '14
© Tournesol ’14


heckling crows
irritating to mortals
scarecrow’s blank stare

heckling crows
mock the hopeless dummy
stuffed with straw

irritating to mortals
the enigmatic calls warn,
little critters sneer

scarecrow’s blank stare
his gruesome fate awaits-but
ignorance is bliss

© Tournesol ’15

Carpe Diem Special #161 Lolly’s third “new scarecrow …”

Three Word Wednesday – enigmatic – gruesome – irritate

24 Replies to “clueless dummy (troiku)”

    1. Ah don’t feel bad, he does not really understand and the crows are having fun. I would have done it quicker and probably differently if I had not added those 3 WW but I guess a challenge is good sometimes.


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