words from the heart (haiga + haibun)

july 9th alain johnsons handicraft

Handcrafted by Alain Johnson, Clinical Director

It is difficult to put into words what my heart feels but perhaps with images and a few haiku I may manage to give a glimpse of le moi à l’interieur.

Changing careers in 2000 was not only a choice but a dream for me. Accepting this position was a privilege not a duty. Helping those who find the courage to reach out is a joy. Hearing disclosures of suffering is an honour which I embrace each day with overwhelming love and humility.

I’ve been privileged growing up swaddled in love and compassion which gave me the resilience in times of adversity. Too many have never had this advantage in life.

On Thursday, I was showered with well wishes and compliments…festive balloons and hand crafted candles announcing my 15 years working at a national youth line. And yet, I am the one to be thankful for doing what I love best.

My colleagues warmed my heart with such sweetness and one special person wanted to show her sentiments by giving me a beautiful bouquet of fresh cut flowers that touched me more than she knows.

july 9

Bouquet from Stephanie Julien-Gaudry

I never felt so close to my colleagues as this day and grateful to be part of such a great team of loving and caring counsellors.  I know how I have always felt but have never realized how I may be perceived by others and truly this is humbling.

july 9 red roses

red roses
spilling fragrance
bleeding hearts
exuding sweetness
hope restored

july 9 yellow daisies

blonde petals
swell of golden glow
souls inspire

july 9 white daisy

yet, made of substance
with purest intent

(c) Tournesol’15

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