less innocent intentions (haiga)


The Daily Retro: Silhouette | The Muscleheaded Blog

grimée soigneusement
grande soirée à l’intention
piégé son homme


all dolled up
grand evening with intention
trap her man


assise modestement
mine de rien, mais la notion
d’attirer un homme


sitting discreetly
innocent looking with the intent
to entice a man

© Tournesol ’15

Written for Carpe Diem Shuukan – Intentions

Photos: courtesy of Chris at Muscleheaded Blog

courtesy of Suzee Ques – Flickr


15 thoughts on “less innocent intentions (haiga)”

    1. Thanks, I looked for a long time on your blog and then on Flickr for that innocent look but so many photos cannot be shared. Glad you enjoyed it. It reads better in French , I find but probably ’cause it is the original.

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  1. How long can one remain…innocent. 🙂
    So interesting that when we are younger we try to be the lure not knowing all it takes to be the hook.
    Or really what it is we are after when so much innocence still remains.


      1. After always being told I was ‘cute’ and never looking like ‘movie stars’ I resolved to be beautiful on the inside.
        Having an older sister who had all the guys… so-to-speak I just never bothered with being in fashion in regards to clothes… and style.

        Though I am sure in my husband’s eyes I am beautiful to look at 😉 …I just define beauty as more than skin deep.

        Some gents do know the ‘right’ things to say and also how to behave with women 🙂


      2. Oh I hear you. My sister would flirt with the guys and have 3 or 4 waiting to date her. I didn’t like flirting (shy) or laughing at their jokes if they weren’t funny…I could not pretend.


  2. I don’t remember ever thinking of my younger self as a magnet for the opposite sex. And I never heard that I was pretty; however, my momma always called me ‘her All-American girl.’ And since Doris Day was considered the American girl-next door, I figured that I wasn’t ugly. 🙂


    1. Haha, I loved Doris Day…one of my fav singers when I was young and even had her haircut…my mom even chuckled when I was in my forties…”bet you walk into a bar with your head down and don’t even notice anyone looking at you”…she was right. But my mom had the flair alright and could dazzle any guy.


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